Not leaving any door open to possible attacks that could end up in a massive theft of data in an improper use of your services and your image, denial of service, monetary loss, operational risks, VitaliT Solutions will help you to check your applications, mail servers, databases, web portals, firewalls, cloud and other elements of your system.

Doing cybersecurity working with our experienced team will not only fix and secure your environment but training your team on the go, performing:

Vulnerability tests have as their mission to know the level of security of IT structure, to discover the greatest number of security failures within the computer system, with the aim of establishing a list of priorities and to help your professionals to remedy the vulnerabilities findings.

  • User Awareness Workshops
  • Vulnerability checks
  • Trainings for Internal Auditors
  • Interactive Workshops for End Users
  • Trainings for IT Professionals
  • Hack my organization – Test