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What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a process, a series of actions and tasks, the aim of which is to make a company as cybersecure as possible.

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Penetration test

Penetration testing is a form of ethical hacking that we, security professionals, are particularly fond of.

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Network security check

A network safety check is a “company hygiene” check that’s recommended before any penetration test.

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Social engineering

Social engineers are nothing more than criminals, mostly exploiting people’s greed, curiosity, sense of urgency, willingness to help and fear.

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Physical intrusion and attack simulation

A physical intrusion simulation is usually part of penetration testing, which also covers other areas of information security.

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Information Security Management System – ISMS

An ISMS is a tool for standardising processes to achieve a higher level of information security and reduced risk of intrusion.

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About VitalIT

We encourage organisations and individuals to follow best practices.

We help companies and individuals make better use of system and information resources. Our methodology is to follow basic guidelines and maintain a simple systems development process where we follow the basics, configurations, and settings, and thus keep up with high-tech cybersecurity.

In studying information technology, we continuously invest in our systems and provide our clients with cutting-edge technology.


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