Windows 10 – Drivers

Hi guys!

Since Windows Vista, Microsoft has created a new Driver Repository in Windows 10, its called “Driver store” Take a look into this information.

The driver store is the Windows 10 driver package repository. The driver store is a trusted location, so
when you connect compatible hardware, Windows 10 installs the driver for the appropriate device
automatically from the driver store. Standard users can install any device driver from the driver store.
Therefore, if the driver package that users require is in the driver store, they can attach and use new
devices without help from their Information technology (IT) help desk. IT administrators can preload their
organization’s driver store with necessary driver packages for commonly used devices. The driver store is
located at %SystemRoot%\System32\DriverStore.

Now you know this try to figure out how to combine this with your corporate deployment needs.

See more info in this link: Microsoft Windows 10 Driver Store