Password reset HP iLO 4 via HP Custom VMWare ESXi

Today we are sharing with you a new step by step solution for changing the HP iLO 4 Password with not business continuity disruption or so called downtime.

It happened to us while acquiring a support contract with a new client with no handover of documentation which, by the way, did not exists could be a challenging task when you need to start supporting them immediately. But not for the VitaliT team.

Follow the instructions below to reset your iLO passwords without need to restart the server and going into iLO console with F8.

Infrastructure built on 2x DL380G8 (host 1 and 2), 1x DL380G9 (host 3)  all running HP Customized ESXi 5.5 and vSphere 5.5

Host1 – ESXi IP  – ( no password for iLO and it was not connected )

Host2 – ESXi IP  – ( no password for iLO and it was not connected )

Host3 – ESXi IP  – iLO IP  ( no password for ESXi but have a password for iLO)

When connected iLO of Host1 and Host2 and search the network we found that iLO for host1 has the same IP address than ESXi Host3

The IP address for Host2 was

Change the IP address of Host1 and reset the passwords of Host1 and Host2. I will show you how I did it. Tools I was using were WinSCP and PuTTY.

First, we will change the password of iLO Host1.

Connect with PuTTY to ESXi host1

Type “user” press enter then type “password” and press enter

Now navigate tp“cd  /opt/hp/tools “ and press enter

Now type “ ./hponcfg -w ilo.xml “and press enter

This command will create an XML file with config info

Don’t get confused with the IP address.  The right address is

See the print screen while changing the IP address for host 2.

Now let’s see the configuration in the XML file.

Now open WinSCP and connect to your host

On the left side under the /root navigate to /opt/hp/tools

You can see hponcfg file and ilo.xml that we just created.

With a double click on ilo.xml, you can open and check your config file on iLO

We will create a new XML file and insert data only for changing the password for iLO administrator.

We recommend  you creating a new file instead of changing the ilo.xml file and rewrite the hponcfg file. With a new file, you will change only specified data.

Create new file right click or Shift+F4 and name it iloip.xml

Insert the strings you see below.

Write your new IP, and you can copy MASK, GATEWAY and DNS server from an ilo.xml file and save it.

<LOGIN USER_LOGIN="user" PASSWORD="password">
<IP_ADDRESS VALUE = "x.x.x.x"/>
<SUBNET_MASK VALUE = "x.x.x.x"/>
<PRIM_DNS_SERVER value = "x.x.x.x"/>

Go back to PuTTY

Insert “ ./hponcfg -f iloip.xml “ and press enter

Type again “ ./hponcfg -w ilo.xml “ and press enter to see if IP address changed. And don’t confuse the IP because the correct IP address is I took print screen when changing IP for host 2.

Now we change the password

In WinSCP again create a new file and name it ilopwreset.xml

Open file and paste it. Change Anypassword with your password!!

<LOGIN USER_LOGIN="Administrator" PASSWORD="AnyPassword">
<USER_INFO MODE="write">
<MOD_USER USER_LOGIN="Administrator">
<PASSWORD value="AnyPassword"/>

Now go back to PuTTY and insert this code

“ ./hponcfg -f -/ilopwreset.xml ” press enter

You successfully changed your password now log in to iLO.

Congrats, You made it.

Author: Denis Primc