NTP server or NTP Protocol?

NTP server or NTP Protocol?

Often we meet professional incorrect nomenclature or naming servers and communication protocols.  Let me explain better what I mean.

The NTP protocol is not a server but a way of communicating, which serves the mutual harmonization of the time between hosts.

Essential in network communication is the way we communicate and with whom to communicate.

The NTP protocol is one of the oldest IP protocols, plays a very important role in coordinating Active Directory, Kerberos tokens to authenticate users and systems. Based on the synchronization time to millisecond precision.

It is true that the services of this Protocol may be intercepted by either side Layer2 switch, Microsoft Windows Server or Linux server, then we can talk about NTP Server, which provides the NTP protocol services.

An example of how to check the current settings in MS Windows

Picture 1 – For example, checking the time zone in Windows

An example of how to check the time on the NTP server Slovenian si.pool.ntp.org

Picture 2 – Example NTP server verification