Migrating WSUS Server to new infrastructure

Hi IT pros,

I was presented with a task to migrate a WSUS server 3.2 to a newer version. I choose to do it to Windows Server 2016 to be on the latest version possible. As I always thought that moving WSUS is really troublesome work and for that matter we delayed move for a long time. But now I know that this is really a piece of cake to do it and you could in theory move it every 5 days.

I found this great web page with to-do’s what to do, but in short it goes like this:

  1. Install a new server 2016
  2. Add Role “Windows Server Update Services”

  3. Leave everything on default (just choose Windows Internal Database – WID or SQL Server) and finish the task.
  4. When configuring WSUS choose Upstream server to your old WSUS and click “This is a replica of the upstream server”
  5. Finish everything as described on the web page
  6. After initial synchronization and downloading of updates you have to break replica and set update source back to Windows Update
  7. Then you have to check the following as in my case somethings were changed after I broke the replica

  8. Change WSUS name in Group policy where it is applied and wait for clients to connect
  9. Set Firewall rules if you have them in place.

Voila, your WSUS server is migrated.

Here is the link where I found this data:

Migrating WSUS from one Server to another