History of Microsoft Active Directory 

History of Microsoft Active Directory

Microsoft in 1999 issued the first version of Active Directory made based on LDAP directory that was way back in 1975 is available for use. So the question is, what is Microsoft’s Active Directory (MS AD).

Microsoft Active Directory is a special kind of database. This directory respectively. The database is designed mainly for reading and extracting data from it, because it changes the actual recorded data bit. The database is hierarchically organized, has the possibility of replication and can be extended. It contains three partitions: the domain partition scheme and configuration.

Domain partition contains users, groups, contacts, computers, organizational units and other types of buildings, can also add your own attributes and types of objects that have extended attributes.

The types of data that can be found in this database are: User Info, contact details, details of the configuration of computers, information on how to configure the network settings for computers and others.

Entities that can be found in the database, called Objects and Attributes (objects and attributes). Objects can have a varying number of attributes, respectively. properties.