GPO Prefereces vs. Administrative templates

Hi guys,

Did you ever think where is the difference between Preferences and Administrative templates? So, here we go with some affirmations directly from Microsoft.

Preferences are not enforced. But you can configure them to be reapplied automatically.

See below a list of differences.
• Preference settings are not enforced.
• Group Policy settings disable the user interface for settings that the policy manages. Preferences do not do this.
• Group Policy settings are applied at regular intervals. You can apply preferences once only or at
regular intervals.
• The end user can change any preference setting that is applied through Group Policy, but users are
prevented from changing policy settings.
• In some cases, you can configure the same settings through a policy setting as well as a preference
item. If conflicting preference and Group Policy settings are configured and applied to the same
object, the value of the policy setting always applies.