FSMO Roles

FSMO Roles The acronym for Flexible Single Master Operations is FSMO. Suppose that the organization set more domain controllers. Each found a copy of the Active Directory database copies are synchronized with each other via a data synchronization method of multi-master, in which data is stored in the group, and domain controllers where each controller...

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NTP server or NTP Protocol?

NTP server or NTP Protocol? Often we meet professional incorrect nomenclature or naming servers and communication protocols.  Let me explain better what I mean. The NTP protocol is not a server but a way of communicating, which serves the mutual harmonization of the time between hosts. Essential in network communication is the way we communicate...

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History of Microsoft Active Directory 

History of Microsoft Active Directory Microsoft in 1999 issued the first version of Active Directory made based on LDAP directory that was way back in 1975 is available for use. So the question is, what is Microsoft's Active Directory (MS AD). Microsoft Active Directory is a special kind of database. This directory respectively. The database...

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